How To Make Social Bookmarking Work For You Whitehat Style

Does Social Bookmarking Still Work?

Social bookmarking was at one time a very quick and simple way to get dozens, even hundreds of backlinks to a website.

It almost didn’t matter what you bookmarked because it was new and it hadn’t been abused yet.

That was until individuals began to figure out ways to create multiple accounts so they could disguise their footprints and multiply backlinks by the thousands to their sites but…

It wasn’t long before the administrators of these sites as well as Google itself began to discover the footprints these individuals would leave behind in their efforts to game the search engines.

As a result the value of the backlinks from social bookmarks began to decline rapidly and almost rendered useless.

But they are not altogether useless and can still have a favorable on your impact on your traffic campaigns.

The key is to avoid bookmarking duplicate content on hundreds of sites at a time.

What I mean is that if you write an article and submit it to 100 article directories or web 2.0 sites, don’t bookmark every one of those sites featuring that one article.

Additionally, if you write 10 articles and bookmark all of your articles at the same time to all of the same sites, you will get your account flagged and most likely be banned from submitting any more content.

So the key to social bookmarking is to submit one or two different articles per day from different sites carrying your content.

To ensure getting a decent amount of backlinks from social bookmarking it’s best to have a list of at least 50 or so sites that you can bookmark your content to.

This will give you an opportunity to bookmark all of your content without the threat of looking like a spammer.

This can be quite time consuming, but if you do a little each day as part of your overall traffic routine you will definitely see a positive impact on your results.

If you are in a position to hire out the work of social bookmarking your content based on the information I’ve just shared, you can concentrate on other more profitable aspects of your internet business.

Yes, social bookmarking still works and there are an endless supply of tools on the market that can help you to automate the process, but beware not to over do it so that it doesn’t end up working against you.

How to Promote Your Articles to Social Sites

You have taken the time to write an article or post and placed to your blog. The article is so god that once you put it out there you are going to get mad traffic. So much traffic that your server or hosting company will get so bombarded with requests that it will crash. The of course you wake up and find yourself in bed with the alarm clock going off.

My fellow online entrepreneurs we all would love to have insane amount of traffic coming to our blogs or websites just by dropping a post or article on your blog or website.

To get traffic takes patience, constant updating and a lot of reading in order to keep abreast on what is going on in the internet. I have read many articles and posts from a lot of places that talk about getting traffic to my blog. Just by typing on the Google search bar for “How do I get traffic for my website” and the results will be in the millions. So much information that your brain will go numb, trust me I went through it just like you are doing now. I was so confused on everything I was reading information over lord.

Then I started noticing that most of the blogs that spoke about getting traffic all said the same thing. I found very few that actually had any worthwhile information. So I figured I will give you my take on how I was able to get referral traffic

First let’s go through some things that you will need to know before we can proceed:

Promoting Your Articles:

Articles by themselves cannot get you traffic. You will need to add your articles to article directories like the one this article is in now. Putting your articles in sites like this one can get your articles seen and as well as give you a decent page rank. I always submit my articles here because Google loves them and they have a high page rank. Sure I could use others out there but this directory is easier and gets you better traffic.

Also another thing when writing your articles always try to have some keywords in it so that Google can read what your article is about. This will help the spiders know where to place you on their list. You can use Google they have a free keyword tool you can use.

What is Social Networking?

I’m going to write this as laymen as possible Social Networking is a great way to get your article seen and read you do this by adding your articles or post to social media sites like face book, MySpace etc.

Once the users of these sites come across your articles or post and they read it and like what they read they will click on “Like” if you are on face book or click on the link and go read your article at your site bringing traffic to your blog or website.

Benefits of Social Networking:

The benefit of using social networking is if your article is good you will begin to get referral traffic from those social sites. This will alert the search engines and it will send its spiders to view your article which hopefully you have the article pointing to your blog or website. At times referral traffic may come within an hour like it happened to me. I was bombarded with referral traffic so it does work this helps get your sites to be ranked by Google or any other popular search engines

Top Social Sites:

The top social sites are where you need to add your articles to. These sites have thousands if not millions of people who visit them every day. This is where you will need to concentrate on in the beginning to generate traffic. Although it may not be organic traffic but it’s better than nothing!

As you can see this is just one way for you to promote your articles and get some referral traffic. From here you could learn another way of getting traffic. If it worked for me it will definitely work for you. You just have to continue to read and learn. If you are interested take a look at my site and read more about how to get traffic and what service I use to get it.

How Bloggers Are Benefiting From Pinterest

Pinterest is a fun website to visit when you want to see fashion, recipes, and DIY pins and information. Chances are good you’ve visited a few boards, got a few great ideas and pinned dozens of things you want to do, try and experience whenever you find the time to do so. You like the site, but how can you use it to boost your blog’s traffic?

Finding Pins That Matter to You

A good place to start is with finding pinboards that relate to your site. To do this, simply browse through the site with keywords that relate to your blog. That’s the first step to finding topics that can relate to your site. Go further, though. You want to find something that is unique, interesting or simply so strange it is too hard to pass up on. Look for those with lots of repins, comments and likes. That means people have something to say about them.

Pin Your Blog

You can also go about the process in the opposite direction. You can post a video or an image on your blog and then pin it on Pinterest, too. Be sure that it is your own content, of course. You also want to avoid things that are too self-promotional, too. For example, if you are a gardener and your blog is about gardening, create some outstanding close up shots to the plants growing. You can get controversial, such as creating a non-GMO promotional video or photo. Then, pin it on the site so people can start to use it and share it. They track it back to your site and visit to find out your stance on the subject.

It’s a Networking Tool

Pinterest is another networking tool to use. It is a great platform for you to use to build your brand, market your site and to find other people to get to know. The goal is to increase traffic. Consider the following.

· Connect with new people. Engage people who you want to be followers of your blog on Pinterest by following them and liking their posts.

· Find people who are already doing well on the site with the audience you want to have on your site. Build relationships with those people who you would call influencers in the audience pool.

· You can always use the images and videos as topics for your blog posts. Create a pinboard called “future blog post inspiration” and pin ideas to the topic to it. It’s easy to come back to it later.